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What to Do When Your Pipes Burst | Tips Inside!

Mar 22, 2021

Do you need to call a plumber?

A burst pipe in your home isn’t always immediately noticeable. Some pipes will burst catastrophically and alert you to their presence with a sudden, unexplained flood.

Other times, the pipe can suffer only minor damage, but the slow leak over time can cause significant structural damage behind your walls out of sight.

The problem with burst pipes is that they can flood your home, ruin your carpet, destroy your drywall and floorboards, and create an environment for mould and mildew to thrive. If you suspect you have a burst pipe in your home, take these steps before calling a burst pipe plumber in the Northern Beaches.

Shut off the water mains

The first thing you should do when you notice a burst pipe is to turn off your water main. It’s always a good idea to know where your shut-off valve is so you don’t waste time hunting for it during a burst pipes. On most properties, the water main is located outside the front of the house.

Drain the water from the pipes

Once the mainline is shut off, you could still have litres of water left in the pipes, which will leak out through the damaged area. Flush your toilet and turn on your cold taps to drain the rest of the water out into your sinks and tubs where it can’t do any more damage. 

Turn off the electricity

If your home is flooded, it’s also a good idea to shut off the electricity. You can do this from your home’s electrical switchboard by turning off the main switch.

Start the clean-up immediately

The longer you leave the water to soak into the building materials around your home, the greater the damage will be, and the more challenging and more expensive it will be to repair. 

Get all hands on deck with the clean-up process. A faster clean-up will also help prevent a future mould outbreak. 

Airflow can help a great deal, so open your doors and windows and turn on your fans to assist with the drying process. 

Take photos of the damage as you go. You will need these for the insurance claim if the damage is extensive enough to warrant it. 

Call a Northern Beaches Plumber

Once you have stopped the water from flowing, created a visual record of the damage, and made the environment safe, it’s time to a plumber that specialise in burst pipes in the Northern Beaches to start with the repair process.

Need a professional and licensed plumber?

Chris of Eze-Flow Plumbing is a licensed Northern Beaches plumber with years of experience in both commercial and residential settings.  He can fix any plumbing issue ranging from burst pipes, blocked drains to more complex plumbing problems like storm water systems and drainage. Chris can visit your location in no time and offers a 24/7 service, Why not contact Chris today?

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