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When You Need a Marine Gas Fitter, Call Us!

Your vessel is safe in our hands with the necessary licenses to do any marine gas fitting work. Faulty gas fittings cause too many marine fires. They can be avoided by taking the precaution of having at least an annual gas safety inspection. The $360 fee is very low compared to the asset value of your vessel, not to mention the crew and passengers. Any faults found are rectified to ensure safety. When you need any new gas fittings installed or fixed, we are there to do what’s required. Gain peace of mind and leave it to the professionals so you can enjoy the best of Sydney’s boating lifestyle. We cover all the marinas on the North Shore and Northern Beaches. From The Quays Marina at Church Point to d’Albora Marina the Spit. We will also visit vessels at anchorage.
One final note; If your vessel is for sale, you must provide a current gas safety certificate to the buyer. Without this certificate, the vessel’s registration cannot be transferred. Think of it in the same way a car needs a roadworthy certificate to transfer the registration. This also applies to caravans and RV’s.Call us now on 0439 025 458 or complete the enquiry form here, and we’ll get back to you.

Marine Gas Specialists

At Eze-Flow we are Marine Gas Specialists! From Pittwater to the Middle Harbour we are your local Northern Beaches and North Shore gasfitter. 

For a full list of our gas services and to learn more about how we can assist you with keeping your marine vessel gas compliant click on our service brochure.

  • Gas Compliance
  • Gas Repairs
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Appliance Installation
We are ready to fix your marine gas issues.
Contact Chris. We are available to help 24/7 via email or telephone

What We Do When We Issue a Marine Gas certificate of compliance

Eze-Flow Plumbing do Marine Gas certificate of compliance for all types of watercrafts. We make sure all your gas appliances comply with AS/NZS 5601.2.2013


Confirm the LPG gas connections that need to be certified. This may include hot water systems, boat cooktops, ovens, boat pizza ovens, barbeque grills, as well as gas containers and gas regulators.

2. Inspect

We then inspect all gas containers, gas regulators and gas appliances connected to the installation.

3. Test

Testing of the whole installation for any signs of defect is undertaken.

4. If Defects are Found

If we do find any defects, we will notify you immediately and provide you with an upfront cost for repairs.

5. Compliance Plate

Once we have determined that the LPG gas system is compliant we will issue and attach a compliance plate.

6. Final Step

Finally, we provide a copy of the certification to you the owner and NSW Fair Trading via the MyInspection Gateway within 5 days. We will also provide you with instructions on the safe operation on the appliance if needed.

Marine Gas Certifications

To operate any gas appliance on a marine vessel (including boats and yachts) in NSW you need a gas certificate of compliance and LPG data plate installed. Eze-Flow Plumbing are licensed to do this important job.

The reason for this requirement is to reduce the risk of a gas explosion on board your vessel. Unfortunately, some recent fires on boats in NSW harbours show the horrific damage caused, especially to people on board at the time. In the event of a gas leak, LPG gas will fall and accumulate at the lowest point of the vessel, as it is heavier than air. For this reason, we highly recommend having a gas detector fitted to reduce the risk of igniting a gas explosion by simply turning on a gas appliance.

Don’t risk a fire on your boat or yacht, get your gas system certified by a licensed gas plumber.

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Ready to get your certificate of gas compliance?
Contact Chris. We are available to help 24/7 via email or telephone

Marine Vessel Certification: Which Vessels can Eze-Flow Plumbing Certify?

All marine vessels in NSW that have gas appliances must get a Marine Marine Gas certificate of compliance. The types of watercraft we certify include:

  • Boats
  • Yachts
  • Cabin cruisers
  • Workboats
  • Motor sailers
  • Houseboats
  • Motorboats
  • Trailer sailers, and
  • Runabouts

So no matter what type of marine vessel you have we will come and make sure your 

LPG system is safe and working correctly. We will then issue them with certificates of compliance.


The main reasons you would need a current certificate of compliance is:

  1. Anytime alterations are done to the LPG gas system
  2. When you are purchasing a second hand vessel
  3. When you are selling a second hand vessel
  4. Not always but some marinas require this before berthing

At Eze- Flow Plumbing, the difference is:
We are here for your peace of mind.


Fully licensed and insured, Chris has proudly serviced the Northern Beaches and North Shore community to with all their marine gas plumbing needs for over 8 years - with never a reported dispute.


Originally trained in the Australian Defense Force. Chris will always perform with military precision. We use the latest technology to ensure all our marine gas plumbing jobs are done the right way the first time.

Upfront Pricing

Hate getting cost blowouts? Same here. That is why we operate on a fixed price scheme for all our services - including marine gas plumbing jobs, so you know how much the final invoice will be before it is issued.

Upfront Pricing

We have fixed price service calls and will quote your marine plumbing job to ensure you know the cost before we get started.

100% Labour Guarantee

Our workmanship is guaranteed for life.
We stand by our work and as a family run business, it’s important that we perform each and every job to the highest level.

100% Labour Guarantee

In the unlikely event of a problem, we’ll always return promptly to ensure the job is corrected ensuring our quality workmanship.

Recently Brought a marine vessel from overseas?

It is now quite common for people to get their boats and yachts from overseas. If you have done this, we advise getting your gas system certified by an Australian licensed gas fitter. As overseas gas installations and materials used generally don’t comply with Australian plumbing standards.


From our experience, for their peace of mind, owners are choosing to replace their gas appliance equipment on their vessel with electric appliances. We can decommission and remove LPG systems from the vessel. Understandably owners are wanting to eliminate the risk of a gas explosion by removing the explosive gas from inside the vessel.

If you have recently purchased a boat or yacht from overseas we can provide you with a gas certification.

marine gas plumbing
Ready to get your marine vessel gas compliant?
Contact Chris. We are available to help 24/7 via email or telephone

When Do You Need to Call A Plumber For Your Marine Gas Appliances?

It is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to gas appliances. If in doubt call a licensed plumber as they are the experts.

Here are just a few reasons that you should make that call:

Notice a gas smell

If you smell gas on your boat, even if faintly call a plumber. But before you do this, turn off the gas at the bottle immediately and ventilate the area. 

Going on a long voyage

If you are planning a long journey it is also best to get your marine gas equipment checked. This is not just for safety, but to make sure you are not left in the middle of a journey without cooking facilities or hot water.

Biannual check

We strongly recommend that every 2 years you get all your marine gas system checked. This is really the only way to keep you, your family and friends safe when you are out enjoying Sydney’s unique lifestyle on the North Shore and Northern Beaches. When we do your biannual check we make sure your gas cylinders are connected correctly, correct signage LP gas lockers. We check all accessible gas lines for leaks and test the correct operation of all appliances.

Installing or replacing gas appliances on your boat or yacht

If you are planning to install a new gas appliance or replace any existing gas appliances (such as a cooktop) then you will need the whole LP system re-certified including a new Compliance plate and Certificate of compliance issued by the work.

How to Keep Your Marine Gas System Safe

There are lots of ways to keep your marine gas system safe. Here are just a few:


Make sure you have adequate ventilation for all gas appliances. This includes gas cylinders.

Secure your marine gas appliances

If you have any portable cooking, refrigeration or heating appliances make sure they are secured against unexpected movement of the vessel.

Keep your gas cylinders safe

Always keep your gas cylinders safe from corrosion. In addition, do not store them near a heat source. This is because cylinders may overheat and be damaged. Regularly check that hoses and connections are in good condition and are secured firmly.

Gas Vapour Detectors

Consider installing gas vapour detectors in addition to regular check, to make sure they are working.

Reminder Notices

It is easy to forget to turn off a gas appliance – but if you do it can lead to catastrophic consequences. By placing a reminder notice, next to the appliance – such as ‘turn the gas off when not in use’ you will have that extra reminder.

Biannual Check

We recommend that you get all the gas systems on your boat or yacht checked at least every 2 years. In addition, if at any time you suspect that there might be a problem call a plumber to make sure there are no issues with it. Don’t risk a gas leak or explosion.