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Why is My Hot Water System Not Working?

Apr 09, 2020

As a local plumber on the Northern Beaches, one of the most frequent calls I get is from people whose hot water systems are suddenly giving them the cold shoulder treatment.

We all love a refreshing shower in the heat of an Australian summer, especially with the record-breaking temperatures we’ve had to endure in 2019 and 2020. Still, now we’re heading towards winter, a cold shower is no laughing matter.

It’s also not much fun to have to pop the kettle on to wash the dishes.

Here are a few answers to perhaps one of the most common questions I get asked, “why is my hot water system not working?”

The thermostat is defective

Thermostats in hot water systems are reliable and last for years, but they won’t last forever and are a common fault in aging hot water systems. Plus, they will occasionally fail in new systems as well.

There are two elements and two thermostats used to keep the water evenly heated at the top and bottom of the hot water system, and it’s the job of the thermostats to coordinate turning the elements on and off.

If the water at the top is too cool, the top thermostat lets the bottom thermostat know. And if the lower thermostat senses the water is too cold at the bottom of the tank, it turns on the lower element.

When a thermostat fails, the water coming out of your showerhead will be too hot or too cold. You might be able to put up with a cold shower in the summer, but winter is asking too much. A shower that is too hot isn’t any good no matter the season.

Electrical faults

Hot water systems will have a corresponding fuse in the electrical switch box. The fuse can occasionally blow and leave the hot water system without power. If your fuse keeps burning out, you may have an electrical fault in the hot water system and will need to get it checked out.

The hot water system has developed a leak

If the hot water system has sprung a leak, all your warm water will be leaking out. You will notice you are running out of hot water very quickly, or you don’t get any at all. Your local plumber will be able to identify leaks, and what it will take to repair.

What to do next?

The average hot water system will provide years of reliable service, but if yours is starting to show its age or has suddenly stopped working, then give your local Northern Beaches plumber a call.

Chris at Eze Flow Plumbing will soon have you back and singing in a hot steaming shower again.
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