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North Shore Stormwater and Drainage Management – Do These 5 Things

Oct 29, 2020

More Storms on the Sydney North Shore and What This Means for Your Drainage

In 2020 Sydney’s North Shore experienced severe storms which caused flooding and power outages that lasted for days. This has taken a toll on many businesses and local residents. The local councils have done a great job in addressing this in a timely fashion but residents can pitch in to prevent catastrophic effects especially with flooding.

Since more rain is expected this spring and summer, here are 5 things I recommend you consider doing to prevent further damage to your stormwater, drainage system and ultimately your property.

1. Manage runoff from your driveway

Your driveway also contributes to stormwater runoff and drainage problems. It is ideal that your driveway is designed with stormwater runoff in mind. There are several ways on how this can be done and the most popular are spaced paving and grass. This controls the flow of water and helps it drain away safely.

However, there are other methods that can be done which may suit your property better. It is highly recommend that you get in touch with trusted and local blocked drain plumber who knows the North Shore area. They can advise what the best solution is for you.

2. Raise your garden beds and mulching

Although it might appear simply but raising your garden beds with a suitably heavy and moisture-absorbent mulch can prevent a significant amount of runoff from flowing into your neighbour’s property and doing damage. The type of mulch you use is critical, as the lighter varieties will be picked up and carried away.

3. Install stormwater pits on your North Shore property

A stormwater pit is a form of water collection point. While it is not designed to hold the water for an extended period of time, it helps in controlling the rate of water that passes in the drainage pipes. This controlled flow prevents damage. The concept is simply but it is never a great idea to install it on your own.

You need a good North Shore plumber to assist you since the size of the pit, placement and installation is key on how well it will work.

4. Maintain your gutters regularly

A blocked gutter can quickly overwhelm your stormwater system. That is why it is important you maintain your gutters regularly.

An experienced North Shore plumber not only can keep your gutters in tip-top condition they can also address potential problems that can lead to expensive repairs of both your gutter and stormwater system.

5. Have a trusted local North Shore plumber on standby

Frequent downpours and a poor stormwater system can have detrimental effects on both your property and the environment.

Not sure where to start? Would you like some recommendations for your North Shore property?

Chris of Eze-Flow Plumbing specialises in stormwater preventative management solutions and using his vast experience with stormwater and drainage systems on the North Shore he can offer suggestions that are both effective and cost friendly.

Why not contact Chris today?

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