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Common Causes of Blocked Drains and How To Avoid Them

Apr 20, 2021

Avoid blocked drains with these tips from a trusted local plumber:

Blocked drains North Shore can be anything from a minor annoyance to a major emergency. The good news is you can avoid blocked drains by following a few simple plumbing rules.


Use these blocked drain tips to keep your wastewater flowing and save you money on a North Shore plumber.

Oil, grease, and food particles

A good fry up is delicious and will always go down a treat, but all that leftover grease and oil won’t go down so well in your drain. Grease and oil can solidify in your drain and stick to the walls of your pipe. Little mounds of grease in your pipes soon grow to problematic proportions as they continue to catch passing debris. 


If you notice a foul smell coming up from your kitchen sink, and the water isn’t draining as well as it used to, it’s likely a grease build-up that may soon create a complete blockage. 


Pour piping hot water down the drain to melt the grease and oil to send it on its way. After cooking, wipe up grease and oil with a paper towel and throw the towels in the bin. If the water refuses to flow at all, then it’s time to call and get your North Shore plumber to have a look. 


Tree roots

Tree roots seek out water wherever it might be, and that can mean your underground pipes. If you have large trees on your North Shore property, your blockage could be caused by thirsty tree roots seeking out moisture. 


The only solution for tree root blockage is to call your North Shore plumber to check out the damage and fix the issue. If the pipe is broken, then an excavation to remove and replace it may be required.


You can prevent further blocked drains problems by getting your pipes checked annually.


Flushing the wrong things down the loo

As any good North Shore plumber will tell you, only pee, poop, and toilet paper should be flushed. Baby wipes, nappies, and women’s sanitary products are likely to get caught up, create a blockage, and develop into an emergency. 


The solution is simple – don’t flush anything that shouldn’t be flushed. Of course, younger children can have different ideas. If you can’t unclog the toilet yourself with simple tools, then give your North Shore plumber a call.



Hair is the likely culprit for a blocked drain in the bathroom. In many cases, you can fix the problem yourself with a plunger, drain cleaner, or a sani snake to clear the blockage. 


Rather than push hair through the drain holes where it might create problems, pick it up and dispose of it properly. Shower hair strainers are also available.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do yourself to fix or prevent blocked drains North Shore problems.


However, if the blockage has progressed to the point that you are unable to clear it yourself, or it’s in an underground pipe, then give your North Shore plumber a call. Emergency call-out services are available any time, day or night.


Need a professional and licensed plumber?

Chris of Eze-Flow Plumbing is a licensed North Shore plumber with years of experience in both commercial and residential settings.  He can fix any plumbing issue ranging from burst pipes, blocked drains to more complex plumbing problems like storm water systems and drainage. Chris can visit your location in no time and offers a 24/7 service, Why not contact Chris today?

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