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Does your business require backflow prevention?

Eze-Flow Plumbing is your backflow prevention specialist

Making sure your business is compliant, safe and providing annual backflow certificates

Backflow prevention is a valve or device designed to prevent potentially contaminated water flowing back into the main drinking supply.


On the Northern Beaches, we take for granted the quality of our drinking water. However, there’s still a risk of water contamination before it reaches your tap. On any day, an excavator can accidently dig through a pipe or a water main can burst. When this happens, it creates a back siphon from upstream and in some cases can siphon back harmful bacteria, chemicals or bodily fluids into our drinking water supply. This is why backflow prevention devices were designed, which is effectively a one-way valve that prevents water flowing backwards and allowing contamination back into the main on a siphonic situation.

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EZE-FLOW Plumbing is certified to

  • Install new backflow prevention devices
  • Test backflow prevention devices
  • Perform maintenance on backflow prevention devices.
Properties that require a backflow device installed are dentists or medical centres, hospitals, mechanics or heavy industrial sites, laundromats, car wash services, hotel/motels, restaurants and hospitality venues, golf courses or anywhere that has irrigation lines, such as unit blocks.
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Where are backflow devices installed?

The simplest device that can be installed to a home irrigation line is an atmospheric vacuum breaker or single check valve.  When using garden chemicals such as “Weed’N’ Feed” connected to the garden hose you may  be poisoning the property’s water supply. This happens if there’s a drop in water pressure from the main water supply. It causes the chemicals to be sucked back up the line into the property’s water supply.


Sydney Water requires a main backflow device to be installed at the boundary to the property after the meter and to be also installed in any other zones within the property. In a Residential block of units other than the main backflow, devices are required on the fire services, the irrigation hose taps, the bin/rubbish rooms, car wash bays.

How often do they require testing?

Backflow devices must be tested every 12 months. Any time a backflow device is installed by a licenced plumber they must be registered with Sydney Water. If your device has been registered correctly, Sydney Water issues annual reminders and requires the testing of the device to be completed by a specific date. All testing of devices must be recorded with Sydney Water. If you don’t receive letters from Sydney Water it’s likely that your device has not been registered with them and has never been tested. Not to worry, we can test and register your device for you. Contact us today.

Backflow prevention devise
Backflow prevention gages
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What happens if the back flow fails the annual test?

If a backflow device fails its test it either needs repairing or full replacement. Once you have been notified that a device has failed it is essential that its fixed within 7 days. Once the device has been rectified it is then tested again and results are recorded with Sydney Water.
Backflow device

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