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Blocked Sewer? 3 Things to Check Now

Mar 09, 2020

Blocked Sewer Northern Beaches: 3 Things to Check Now

Do you suspect that you have blocked sewers? The sewer pipe is the intersecting point for all of the wastewater coming out of your home, including the laundry, kitchen, and bathroom.

Bad weather can cause problems in your sewer lines. During times of heavy rainfall, the drains around Sydney may not be up to the task, and water can overflow. Changes between wet and dry weather can also cause the earth to shift and put pressure on the pipes. Too much shifting and they can crack. When moisture starts leaking out of the pipes, tree roots will work their way in and cause more damage.

As a local plumber and resident of Northern Beaches, I get calls all the time about blocked sewers, but there are a few things you can check yourself to determine if you have a sewer problem.

1. Check your drains

The most obvious sign of a sewer drain clog is when you experience more than one plumbing fixture backing up at the same time. I would check the shower cubicle, bath, and any other low-lying fixtures around your home. In my experience, the likelihood of a few fixtures around your home backing up at the same time is low. It’s more likely a sewer blockage.

2. Check your toilet bowl water

Your toilet has the most direct path to the main drain. If you suspect a sewer blockage, this is where I would start my investigation. Symptoms may include a toilet not flushing correctly, or the water level changing by itself.

In some cases, you may notice the water level return to normal directly after flushing but be abnormally low after a few hours.

3. Does flushing the toilet cause water to backup in the shower?

Whenever you’re using water fixtures throughout your house, a good sign you have a sewer problem is when you see water backing up into other areas. A good example is flushing the toilet. If water backs up into your shower cubicle or bath, then it’s likely a blockage in the main sewer line.

What to do next

A blocked sewer pipe is an alarming, and smelly occurrence that can cause a lot of stress. Sometimes, the problems start small and out of sight, which is why I can’t recommend getting regular check-ups of your pipes highly enough.

An affordable annual inspection using a CCTV drain camera to view the condition of your sewage line can potentially save you from a costly repair bill.

Don’t let your sewer fall into a state of repair, call our Northern Beaches plumbing team, Eze-Flow Plumbing, today for a sewer line health check.

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