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Blocked Drain Northern Beaches Specialists

Are you dealing with blocked drains in Sydney’s Northern Beaches? Then we can help you to resolve this stressful issue. We have an experienced team of professionals for this service who understand the local sewer systems, meaning that we can deliver quick and reliable blocked drain plumbing services in the Northern Beaches area and surrounding suburbs.


Blocked drains can lead to all manner of headaches, and some significant property damage problems if not dealt with accordingly.


Let us help you unblock any drains in your home whether you are having issues with showers and sinks pooling water or are in need of a blocked toilet plumber. Contact us today for emergency plumbing and same-day services in the Northern Beaches.

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Why Choose Eze-Flow Plumbing For Northern Beaches Blocked Drains?


We pride ourselves on our preparation, ensuring that we are fully insured and licensed for the job at hand.


With years of experience, you can trust we know what we are doing.


When you hire our team, you are given upfront and clear pricing so that you never have to fear a repair job blowing up your budget.


We use a fixed-rate pricing scheme for all of our Northern Beaches services. You can access the expertise of a blocked drain plumber without fear of being overcharged.

100% Labour Guarantee

Our family owned and operated business provides a lifetime guarantee for our workmanship. We stand by the superior results that we deliver in response to your blocked drains.

100% Labour Guarantee

Northern Beaches property owners can trust our work is completed to the highest standard possible.

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How To Spot The Signs Of A Blocked Drain On Your Northern Beaches Property

There are several signs that you might be dealing with a blocked drain problem. To help you spot whether you may need our blocked drain services, read about the symptoms for the details:

Outdoor Puddles

One of the most common signs of a blocked drain, Northern Beaches properties tend to show, are water puddles appearing outside your home even when it has not been raining it may be the cause of water leaking in your pipe or sewage system.

Slow Draining Sinks

It is common for sinks in your kitchen and bathroom to block up. This can be caused by a build-up of food, grease, hair, and other debris washed down the sink. 

Slow Draining Showers

Sick of watching the water swirl around in your shower? This is typically a symptom of blocked shower drains, which are most commonly caused by hair build-up. All waste drains lead to one destination and in this case, it may be a blocked sewer. Northern Beaches residents can trust us for fast 24/7 services.

Toilet Flush Not Working

Is your toilet beginning to take longer to flush, or does it require multiple flushes? What about a bad smell on your toilets? As your local blocked toilet plumber, we’ve seen it all. This is often caused by blockages and build-ups of things that shouldn’t have been flushed e.g. wipes and sanitary items.

Cracked Walls and Floors

A common sign of a blocked drain problem can come from the presence of cracks on the walls or floors. If drains take too long to remove water, it may cause walls and flooring to swell up causing cracks. Call for blocked drain plumbing services ASAP.

Gurgling Noises

A common sign that your drains are blocked is when you can hear water gurgling as your showers and sinks try to empty themselves of water. Some gurgles are fine, but if it’s starting to sound like trapped air or bubbles, it might be best to give us a call for some much needed drain cleaning at your home.

Looking For Blocked Drain Services?
Contact Chris and the team today for 24/7 blocked drain plumbing services and get a quote!


Your drains can become blocked for all reasons, but the most common causes typically involve debris build-up. This could be anything from hair build-up in the shower drain to tissues, toilet paper, and sanitary products backing up the system. It could even be caused by build-ups of food – even soap build-up can cause a drain blockage problem over time.



Although you may be in need of services from a blocked toilet plumber, in many cases the issue may be aggravated by outdoor interference such as tree roots lodging themselves in pipes. The roots can grow and thicken along the drain pipe completely stopping any movement of water!



If your Northern Beaches home has some older clay pipes, this is an even-more common occurrence. Tree roots love an invitation to an unlimited water and nutrient supply, cracks in these old clay pipes provide them just that! However, whatever the reason is, with our blocked drain services you’ll have a timely solution.


Watch Chris Clear Tree Roots From A Blocked Drain - Northern Beaches

Please take a look at how our expert blocked drain plumber Chris resolves a tree-clogged drain pipe in this short video. Now, you can get a little sneak-peek into how we do our job as plumbers and what works best for cleaning out PVC and clay pipes.

Looking For Blocked Drain Services?
Contact Chris and the team today for 24/7 blocked drain plumbing services!

Blocked Drains due to Grease Blockages

Blocked Drains caused by grease are very common. This is because oil, fats and grease are often washed down sinks. Over time it solidifies and causes a  blockage in your drains.


In this video local Sydney Plumber Chris Smith shows you what happens when this happens.

Our Blocked Drain Northern Beaches Process On Drain Cleaning

To ensure that we get the best finish and results every time in plumbing, we use a fast 2-step process for unblocking interior and exterior sewage systems in the Northern Beaches.

STEP ONE – Locate The Blockage

We use different methods to find the blockage depending on its location. E.g. A CCTV system may be utilised by a blocked drain plumber if the debris is further along the plumbing system. Sometimes, the drain may need some elbow grease with a plunger or a plumbing snake if it is closer to the drain entrance.

STEP TWO – Clear The Blockage

Once the blockage has been pinpointed, we proceed with the drain cleaning utilising high-end equipment suited to the type and location of the blockage. This is commonly resolved with a water jetter, that utilises high-pressure water to cut through debris such as tree roots. We have other cutting-edge tech in our arsenal for the best solutions overall to even the most tricky situations.

Looking For Blocked Drain Services?
Contact Chris and the team today for 24/7 blocked drain plumbing services!

What Does a Blocked Drain Plumber Use to Clear Blockages?

We use various methods of plumbing for clearing out all Northern Beaches drain blockages, including:

Water Jetter

This delivers high-pressure water that can slice through the roots of trees and other debris in a blocked sewer. Northern beaches homes may have pipes plagued with tree roots; water jetters are great for clearing out physical debris like this but also excellent for dealing with issues such as grease build-ups, thanks to the foaming, detergent solutions we use for this service.

Water FlexShaft

This drain cleaning tool clears away root and grease build-ups causing a blocked sewer. Northern Beaches apartment blocks, high-rise buildings, and your home can easily be serviced with this portable tool. Without the need for water hoses and petrol engines, we can clear blockages on properties even where access may be difficult to our service.


We also sometimes use SeeSnakes. This is a CCTV-operated drain camera that lets us see into the piping. By using this device, we can find the cause of your blockage and even show you some happy snaps of the troublemakers.


This is highly effective as plumbers it can allow us to see as far as 50m downstream. For extensive blockages further into the system, this lets us pinpoint the issue and then create a plan of action and then check that everything is 100% above board after our work is complete.

Looking For Blocked Drain Services?
Contact Chris and the team today for 24/7 blocked drain plumbing services!
Blocked ORD

Preventing Northern Beaches Blocked Drains

You want to avoid costly plumbing problems on your property in the Northern Beaches. Blocked drains are, in most cases, preventable issues as long as you are following the following tips and tricks:

  • Avoid disposing of food down the sink. Get rid of food debris like scraps, eggshells, and coffee grounds in the bin or compost.
  • You can tip waste oil and grease into a jar and then dispose of it. This saves it from building up in your household sewage pipes.
  • Avoid flushing nappies, paper towels, and sanitary products down the toilet. This is a lead cause of toilet blockages in Northern Beaches.
  • Do not wash joint substances. concrete and/or cement down the drain. This is likely to solidify and cause a serious build-up.
  • You can install catchers in your shower and kitchen sink. This helps to catch any debris so you can remove them before they get into your pipes.
  • Book an annual drain check-up service with our experts in blocked drains. Northern Beaches homes on the older side can be particularly prone to blockages, so organising a yearly check-up to reduce the risk of major build-ups is a great way to save your plumbing and your wallet.


Eze-Flow Plumbing can assist you with all your drain issues:

blocked drain with murky water

Call Sydney Water directly only if the following applies to you:

Icon for house

When both neighbours on either side of your property are experiencing the same issue.

Toilet Icon

When raw sewage is leaking into the storm water line.

When do you call Sydney Water?

Did you know that you are responsible for the entire sewer line up to and including the junction connecting to the Sydney Water Sewer Main? Many property owners don’t realise that it not just the section of sewer that is in your properties boundary.

Sydney Water will only attend your property once you’ve had a licensed plumber attend your site and determined that the issue is in the mainline.

At Eze-Flow Plumbing when we attend your property for a blocked drain issue and then determine that it is in the sewer main, we will call Sydney Water on your behalf.

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FAQs: Blocked Drains Northern Beaches

Recognising the signs of a blocked drain can help you avoid major problems. Look out for slow-draining showers, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, or toilets, strange gurgling noises, bad odors, puddles outside the home, and cracked walls or floors.

Tree roots infiltrating pipes, especially common in older homes with drain pipes made from clay. Annual drain cleaning of your pipes is recommended to prevent tree roots from causing significant damage to your drains.

Blocked drains caused by grease are often due to oil, fats, and grease solidifying in the pipes over time. Avoid washing down oil and grease, dispose of them in jars, and consider using foaming solutions to dissolve grease build-up.

Eze-Flow Plumbing uses advanced technology for blocked drain cleaning, including high-pressure water jetters to cut through roots and clear grease, Water FlexShaft Cleaning Tools for tougher jobs, and CCTV Drain Cameras to accurately locate and ensure complete clearance of blockages.

To prevent blocked drains, avoid disposing of food down sinks, opt for grease disposal in jars, refrain from flushing non-toilet items, use catchers in showers and sinks, and schedule annual drain checks, especially in older homes.

Yes, we offer 24/7 same day service for all blocked drain emergencies on the Northern Beaches. We understand the urgency of such issues and are here to assist you whenever you need us.

We stand out through our expertise, with over 8 years of experience serving the Northern Sydney Regions. Our fully licensed and insured team uses cutting-edge technology, such as CCTV drain cameras, to provide efficient and precise solutions.

We believe in transparency, which is why we offer fixed price service calls and provide quotes for blocked drain jobs before starting any work. This way, you know the cost upfront and can avoid any surprises on the final invoice.