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Tips For When You Need to Call a Marine Gas Plumber

Oct 21, 2022

Tips For When You Need to Call A Marine Gas Plumber

Don’t take any chances when it comes to gas appliances.  If in doubt always call a licensed plumber as we are the experts.

Here are just a few reasons that you should make that call:

You have noticed a gas smell

Always call a plumber if you smell gas on your boat. However, as a priority be sure to immediately turn off the gas at the bottle and ventilate the area as much as possible, then call a plumber.

You are going on a long voyage

Always be prepared when planning a long journey.  Make it a priority to have your marine gas equipment checked.  The reason for this is twofold, firstly for safety and secondly to make sure you are not left in the middle of your trip without any cooking facilities or hot water.

It’s time for a biannual check

It is recommended that you have your marine gas system checked thoroughly every 2 years to guarantee the safety of your friends and family whilst boating.  As part of the biannual check, we ensure that your gas cylinders are connected properly and that there is correct signage on LP gas lockers.  In addition to this we check all accessible gas lines for leaks and test that all appliances operate and function correctly.

You are installing or replacing a gas appliances on your boat or yacht

We offer system re-certification, if you are planning to install a new gas appliance or replace any existing gas appliances, then it is mandatory to have the whole LP system re-certified (including a new Compliance plate and Compliance certificate).

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