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Considering water filtration in your home?

Eze-Flow Plumbing is the leader in water filters including under sink water filters.

We offer an array of systems and filters to suit your budget and needs.
The health benefits and better taste of purified water has gained popularity over the past few years. A water filter in your home eliminates nasty chemicals, minerals and potential diseases in the water you and your family consume. With bottled water costing up to $5 a litre and can still contain BPA or BPS, a water filter gives you an endless supply of purified clean water.

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At Eze- Flow Plumbing

We service Sydney’s Norther Beaches and North Shore areas

  • Single cartridge water filtration
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Whole house water filtration
  • Budget friendly options
  • Top of the range under sink models with patented UV light filters
  • And more.

When considering a water filtration system for your home consider the below:

  • Are you wanting to filter the cold only? Or are you wanting Hot supply filter also?
  • Are you wanting a separate filter faucet? Or would you like to use your existing kitchen mixer tap?
  • What material is your kitchen benchtop stone, timber or laminate?
  • Do you want your shower to have its own filter?
  • Are you wanting the whole house water supply to be filtered?
  • What grade of filtration do you want?
Want cleaner drinking water?
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Your filter cartridge needs changing every 6 - 9 months

Some under sink filters are great if you are on a budget as you can change them out yourself, no need to call a plumber. However, if your water filtration system is more technical we will send you a courtesy reminder so you don’t need to worry or set reminders! It is important that filter cartridges are changed every 6 to 9 months depending on your personal usage.


Signs that your cartridge is past its use-by date is:

  • Low flow through your filter tap
  • Particles may be present in your filtered water
  • Some cartridges that contain charcoal can give a foul taste to the filtered water supply.
water filtration filter cartridge

Zip taps: Water filtration that has chilled, boiling and even sparkling water

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury in tapware and filtration EZE-FLOW Plumbing suggests that you look no further than the Zip Hydro Boil or Billi Undersink boiling and filtration units. These units can provide boiling water, chilled filtered water and in some units sparkling water. They come with separate tap faucets or can be incorporated to an all in one mixer tap. They really are fantastic units and can save you thousands in purchasing bottled still or sparkling water to keep in the fridge. We have installed many of these types of mixers for our commercial clients in their kitchenettes or tearooms. When you have had one of these taps installed with us you will be added to the service register to ensure that all filters and Co2 canisters are replaced at the manufacturers recommended schedule.
Zip taps water filtration
Need a Zip tap service?
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Water filtration in fridge

Water filtration in fridges

Many modern fridges have an internal filter cartridge or a very basic inline filter cartridge which is usually installed behind the fridge or in a cupboard adjacent to the fridge. If your fridge is an inline filter cartridge, we recommend that you upgrade the cartridge to a high filtration quality water filter. If you do not remember the last time you changed the filter for your fridge there is a good chance it’s well past its use by date, we would suggest giving EZE-FLOW a call to inspect and change your water filter cartridge to your fridge.


TIP: EZE-FLOW plumbing recommends that if you intend to go away from your property for an extended period of time, that you ensure you isolate the water supply to the fridge. As we have been to many water leak jobs to find that the fridge’s water supply hose has burst whilst the client was away sometimes causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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“Chris was so helpful. He explained everything clearly so I understood exactly what work we needed done and the price. Honest, hardworking and reliable. Thanks Chris and Eze-Flow plumbing!”

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"We had an emergency situation with a blocked drain resulting in water coming into our house. Chris responded quickly, even on a Sunday and unblocked the drain within an hour."

Tim Cope, St Ives

“The communication was great. Chris was punctual, left the area he worked in clean and tidy, gave good practical advice and carried out the work to a high standard. I am very happy to recommend him.”

Sue Hamilton, Roseville
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