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Eze-Flow Plumbing are the Stormwater Drain Specialist

At Eze-Flow Plumbing we specialise in stormwater drains. This includes fixing blocked stormwater drains, as well as installing a wide range of drainage systems to your Northern Beaches or North Shore property.

So if you need to install a stormwater pit, have a downpipe unblocked or an upgrade to your existing stormwater system we have the skills, experience, and even more importantly, the local knowledge to do it. That’s why we are your emergency plumber when you have a stormwater drainage issue. We do this by providing 24/7 same day service for all  stormwater drains.

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Blocked stormwater drains need to be fixed quickly. This is especially true as Sydney stormwater drains aren’t designed to handle large volumes of water. As a result, it doesn’t take long for them to overflow if something is causing a blockage. Common causes of stormwater drains being blocked included garden waste, damaged pipes, tree roots and not having your stormwater drains inspected on a regular basis.

Your stormwater drains may also overflow because they are not adequate for the amount of rain you get in the North Shore or Northern Beaches area you live in. If this is the case, then you will require an upgrade to your current storm water system.

So if you notice flooding around your home, overflowing gutters or a dry stormwater outlet after rain then you need to get your stormwater drains checked.


It is important that you keep your gutters and downpipes maintained properly. By doing this you will help to avoid both rainwater pooling on the ground or on your roof and seeping into your home. This can end up causing structural damage to your home, which can be expensive to repair; including cracked walls, leaks in the ceiling and flooring that is uneven.


Although gutters overflowing with debris and blocked downpipes are a common cause of flooding there are other causes as well. This includes gutters or downpipes being poor aligned or even not secured properly. There may even be sections of the gutters or downpipes that are rusty, resulting in water leakage. Whatever the issue, we will repair and replace, your gutters to make sure they are collecting rainwater and draining into your downpipes. 

Common Causes of Blocked Stormwater Drains

By recognising the early signs that your stormwater drains are starting to block, you will save you time and money. Make sure your stormwater drains are ready for the next big Sydney storm. By making sure your stormwater drains are clear, you will avoid flooding and structural damage to your home.

1. Flooding

The easiest way to tell that you have a stormwater drain blockage is if your property starts to flood during heavy rain.  


Also, if you notice that your drain grates flood during a downpour it is another sign you need to get your stormwater drains checked.

2. Overflowing Gutters

Another obvious sign that you have a blocked stormwater drain or downpipe is when water starts to flow over your gutters instead of flowing through the downpipe during a downpour.



The reason this happens is that there is back pressure because of the blockage causing the water to flow over the gutter instead of down the pipe.

3. Bad Odour

If you notice a bad odour, it is another sign that you have a blocked stormwater drain or pit. This is because water gets trapped due to the blockage, resulting in it become stagnant and start to smell. In addition, stagnant water attracts insects, including mosquitos. 

4. Dry Stormwater Outlet

A simple sign that your stormwater drains have a blockage is checking the storm water outlet at the street kerb.  If the stormwater outlet is dry after heavy rainfall this means that your stormwater drains have a blockage or cracks preventing the storm water flowing to the street.


A easy way to check this is to run a hose down your downpipe or stormwater pit and if no water makes it to the kerb stormwater outlet this indicates there is a blockage.


Mastering Flood Prevention

The Crucial Role of Routine Stormwater Outlet Inspections

Join Chris Smith, your trusted local plumber, as he sheds light on the significance of regular stormwater outlet inspections. In this informative video, discover why visual inspections play a crucial role in preventing avoidable flooding issues during rainfall. Gain valuable insights into the importance of proactive maintenance and learn how this simple step can help safeguard your property from potential water damage. Don’t let the rain catch you off guard—stay one step ahead with proper stormwater outlet inspections.


If your stormwater drainage system isn’t working and needs an upgrade, we provide a range of strategies that will provide the stormwater solution you have been looking for.

Our range of stormwater solutions include:

heavy rainfall from tin roof
Heavy Storm

Heavy rain and storms can lead to flooding and structural damage if you don’t have an efficient drainage system or a stormwater solution that effectively removes water from your property. After any storm, it’s important that you inspect your stormwater drain system.


Take photos of any water pooling or overflowing when you see it, as often by the time we inspect your property, the water will have dispersed, which can make it harder to diagnose the extent of your issue.


With many Northern Beaches and North Shore properties on sloped blocks, often we have needed to install stormwater pits at the lowest point with submersible pumps, to pump the stormwater up to the stormwater main or street kerb.

Stormwater Case Study

Persistent Flooding during Heavy Rain?

Recent heavy rainfall in Sydney resulted in this client’s garage being continuously flooded. The new Clovelly townhouse owner discovered that an upgrade to their current stormwater system was required. Over a couple of days Eze-Flow Plumbing excavated through the garage concrete slab to rectify the stormwater drains and upgrade the drainage to eliminate the excess stormwater.


Eze-Flow Plumbing supplied and installed a drainage channel along two sides of the garage and installed a new pit to collect the water that floods in from the garage door. A new submersible stormwater pump was installed in the pit which pumps the stormwater out to the existing stormwater system.


As a result of our stormwater rectification works, our client can now sleep peacefully during heavy rainfall knowing there is no risk of flooding!

Ready to Upgrade your Stormwater System?
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We use various techniques and equipment to fix blocked stormwater drains. Importantly, we have  the local knowledge when it comes to fixing blocked stormwater drains in Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches.

STEP ONE - Locate Blockage

The first step in fixing a blocked stormwater drain is to locate where the drain is blocked. Different equipment and techniques are used depending on where the blockage is located. We often use a CCTV camera to accurately locate where a blockage is. 

STEP TWO - Clear Blockage

When we have determined where the blockage is, we then use the most appropriate equipment to clear the stormwater drain  We often use a water jetter which has water pressure strong enough to cut the roots of trees. This is cutting edge stormwater drain cleaning equipment for those tougher jobs.

For more difficult jobs that cannot be cleared by the water jetter, we will excavate and replace the faulty section of the storm water line.

tree roots coming out of pipe

At Eze- Flow Plumbing, the difference is:
We are here for your peace of mind.


Fully licensed and insured, Chris has proudly serviced the Northern Beaches and North Shore community to get their stormwater drains unblocked and upgraded since 2009 - with never a reported dispute.


Originally trained in the Australian Defence Force. Chris will always perform with military precision. We uses the latest technology to ensure your blocked drain is fixed the right way the first time.

Upfront Pricing

Hate getting cost blowouts? Same here. That is why we operate on a fixed price scheme for all our services - including stormwater drains, so you know how much the final invoice will be before it is issued.

Upfront Pricing

We have fixed price service calls and will quote your toilet repair job to ensure you know the cost before we get started.

100% Labour Guarantee

Our workmanship is guaranteed for life.
We stand by our work and as a family run business, it’s important that we perform each and every job to the highest level.

100% Labour Guarantee

In the unlikely event of a problem, we’ll always return promptly to ensure the job is corrected ensuring our quality workmanship.

What Our Clients Say

rain tank underneath balcony of home

Thinking about recycling your stormwater?

We can advise on the right size rainwater tank to suit your needs.

It is important to have your plumbing inspected before you purchase a rainwater tank. Every property is different and there are many factors to consider when installing a rainwater tank. Eze-Flow Plumbing can inspect your property and advise you on the best size and location for your rainwater tank.

Our plumbers can install a rainwater recycling system to service your laundry, an irrigation system or an outdoor garden hose tap.

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