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How to tell if you have a burst pipe or water leak?

Turn off all taps and devices that require water in your house. Ensure no one is using the water. Locate your property’s water meter and if the meter’s dial is still spinning that indicates there is a leak. There are many techniques we use to locate the source of the leak however damps walls, ceilings and floors can be an obvious indication. Outside you may notice that the grass is growing at a different rate to the rest of the yard or that a section has sunk.

The most common type of burst pipe is the flexi hose or stainless steel braided hose, found behind toilets, under vanities, under kitchen sinks.  They are also widely used for water supply to dishwashers and washing machines. Unfortunately, the manufacturers produce these braided hoses in a low-grade stainless steel which affects the integrity and longevity of the hose, over time they corrode causing the hose to fray and eventually the thin rubber hose inside bursts.  We recommend regularly checking for any signs of rust. If you do, get your plumber to replace them immediately. These hoses should be replaced every 10-12years to prevent any damage to your property.


Fun Fact: these hoses are the number one cause of insurance claims for water damage. It’s the reason we advise our clients to shut the water off to their house when going away for extended periods to avoid severe flooding whilst away. 

These clients of ours came home on the last day of school holidays to find that the upstairs bathroom had flooded due to a burst flexi hose. The ceiling on the ground floor was holding so much water that it eventually collapsed and began flooding the downstairs kitchen.

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Why do pipes burst?

Pipes can burst for a few reasons; a dogy weld, corrosion, pin holes caused by vibration or friction against a hard object. And with many people trying their hand at DIY renovation projects at home the number one cause of emergency call outs is because someone has accidentally drilled through a pipe in the wall or cut through a pipe in the garden with a shovel.
Cracked Copper pipe from tree root pressure
Cracked Copper pipe from tree root pressure

Why People Trust Eze-Flow Plumbing

“Chris was so helpful. He explained everything clearly so I understood exactly what work we needed done and the price. Honest, hardworking and reliable. Thanks Chris and Eze-Flow plumbing!”

Lisa Johnston, Warriewood

"We had an emergency situation with a blocked drain resulting in water coming into our house. Chris responded quickly, even on a Sunday and unblocked the drain within an hour."

Tim Cope, St Ives

“The communication was great. Chris was punctual, left the area he worked in clean and tidy, gave good practical advice and carried out the work to a high standard. I am very happy to recommend him.”

Sue Hamilton, Roseville
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