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Read This Before You Renovate Your North Shore Bathroom

Dec 23, 2020

Planning a bathroom renovation in Sydney's North Shore?

As an experienced North Shore plumber, I have been called to my fair share of bathroom renovation plumbing emergencies because people tried to save a few dollars on the plumbing.

The best advice I can give anybody contemplating a bathroom renovation is to think about the plumbing elements and of course, engage an experienced North Shore plumbing professional to help.

Here are a few things to consider.

Relocating the plumbing adds to the cost

One of the first areas to look at is the location of the plumbing. Any design that requires swapping plumbing from one wall to the other will significantly increase the cost. A local plumber will be able to help you explore every design option, its cost and feasibility.

Choose quality plumbing fixtures

There are plumbing fixtures for every budget, and I know some of them can get pricey. However, you don’t have to go all out on your plumbing fixtures. There are plenty of options that a great local plumber can recommend to you that will work in terms of quality, appeal and budget. With the amount of stuff that goes into the average bathroom, the fixtures are an excellent area to shave a few dollars off the invoice while still being good quality.


Understandably, waterproofing is vital to get right in the bathroom, and you absolutely cannot get away without using a qualified waterproofing professional. Even the tiniest break in the bathroom waterproofing can lead to catastrophic damage in a few short years.

Shower design

Shower cubicles are a vital part of any bathroom renovation. Spend some time in this area because your options are seemingly endless. You will need to consider the types of panels, whether you should go frameless, semi-frameless, or fully enclosed, and then there are the tiling and shower fittings to choose from.

Overall design and aesthetics

You probably have a good idea about what you want in your bathroom but don’t know what’s possible in your situation exactly. Skilled bathroom renovators and designers have practical experience to help achieve your bathroom design objectives. Choose one with excellent design skills and a great track record.

Need a licensed plumber to help with your North Shore bathroom renovation?

Chris of Eze-Flow Plumbing can assist with a range of bathroom renovation services including relocating plumbing pipes, installing taps, basins and new toilet fixtures and fittings. Why not contact Chris today?

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