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How to Solve Blocked Drains

Jul 02, 2020

As a Northern Beaches local plumber, I’m often asked by my customers what a clogged drain can mean for their plumbing. My answer is usually along the lines of, at best, a clogged drain can be a minor inconvenience that is easily fixed. At worst, it can be an indication of a much larger problem developing out of sight. If you’ve been having issues with clogged drains, here’s how you should deal with them.

Don’t ignore warning signs

Blocked drains are usually the result of debris building up over time, and you will notice warning signs before they become completely clogged.

Nasty smells and gurgling sounds from a drain are a sure sign that there is a debris buildup somewhere along your pipes. Also, water draining out of the basin or kitchen sink much slower than you are used to is a sure sign of a clogged drain.

Dealing with blocked drains

Many clogged drains can be easily rectified without the need for a plumber. You can use a plunger to break up debris, so it flushes away, or manually remove visible hair clumps from the shower drain or bathroom basin.

Blockages from grease and oil may respond to freshly boiled water poured down the drain. The hot water melts the fat so it can be more easily flushed away, along with any food scraps and debris it has managed to capture.

You can easily avoid this issue by never pouring grease and fats down your kitchen sink. Soak them up with a paper towel and discard in the bin before washing up, or pour the fats into your compost heap.

You can use chemicals to clear clogged drains, but these are highly corrosive and dangerous if not used properly. There’s also the fact that you are putting toxic chemicals into the ecosystem.

Sometimes, the blockage is more severe and beyond the realms of an easy fix. Tree roots growing into pipes is one issue that is not easily repaired, and broken pipes from shifting ground can also be the source of blocked up drains. In these cases, a professional plumber is your best solution.

In all cases, preventing blocked drains is preferred to waiting for the problem to develop into an expensive fix. However, if your drains are beyond a simple DIY repair, then it’s time to give your Plumber, Northern Beaches service a call so we can get your water flowing again.

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