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Gas BBQ Conversion from LPG

Gas BBQ Conversion from LPG

Jan 19, 2021

Converting to a gas BBQ is ideal

We’ve all been there – the Northern Beaches and North Shore weather is at its finest, your guests are mingling, the drinks are icy cold, and the BBQ is sizzling… until suddenly, it isn’t.
Running out of LPG gas is annoying, especially when you have guests looking forward to a tasty BBQ meal. Worrying about whether you have enough to make it through to the last steak every time you fire up the Webber is no fun, but a gas BBQ conversion might be a solution.

Can you do your own gas BBQ conversion?

You want to avoid the issue of running out of gas halfway through cooking on the grill but hooking up your trusty Webber to the main gas line that powers your home appliance is a complicated job.
For starters, the two systems use different pressures and run at different temperatures. There will also be issues with nozzle sizes, injectors, and valves. In short, it’s not possible to connect your gas line to your BBQ without performing a complicated conversion, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

The benefits of gas BBQ conversion

At first, glance, converting to natural gas may seem like too much of a hassle. However, there are plenty of reasons to consider it, especially if you love cooking outdoors and enjoy entertaining.
Your conversion will eventually pay for itself with all the money you will be saving on refills. LPG is around four times the price of natural gas, so it won’t take long if you do a lot of BBQing. Plus, you will save time and petrol money by not driving to the refill station every time you want to enjoy a cookout.
A gas BBQ conversion will also mean you will never have to worry about the gas running out ever again. Plus, there will be no more messing about with fiddly connections that inexplicably refuse to join up every time you swap out the gas bottle.

Use a professional North Shore or Northern Beaches gas fitting service

There’s a lot that can go wrong if you attempt a gas conversion on your own, and lives will be at stake. For instance, an improper installation could cause your BBQ to run colder than usual because there is not enough pressure, and the flames are too small. There’s also the issue of dangerous gas leaks developing.
When dealing with natural gas, the safest and legal option is to rely upon the services of a qualified gas plumber. Chris at Eze Flow Plumbing is an experienced gas fitting professional and is ready to help you cook up a storm without any of the fizzle.

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