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Deal With A Leaking Tap in 1 Step

Apr 10, 2019

Deal With A Leaking Tap In 1 Step

Did you know that 1 dripping tap is wasting at least 21 litres a day?

Sydney is currently on Level 1 Water Restrictions and 1 dripping tap will be wasting over 7,000 litres of drinking water per year for the Greater Sydney Region. Currently Warragamba Dam is at 48% capacity so it is vital that you give your leaking tap the attention it deserves; your neighbours will thank you for it.

Do you have a Garden Tap that is really hard to turn off?

Does your Garden Tap leak continuously?

Your Garden Tap has probably started leaking because the minerals in the Sydney water have reacted with the brass body of the tap and has caused a chemical reaction resulting in the zinc being removed from the brass. When this chemical reaction occurs it causes divets or fine cracks where the washer seals to the brass which means when the Garden tap is closed (off) water is still able to trace out and drip from the faucet. This of course applies to all tap sets in your Northern Beaches home not just limited to the Garden Tap.

If that sounds like your tap it’s time to replace it or upgrade to a new ¼ Turn Garden Tap.
It won’t matter how hard you turn that spindle your Garden Tap will continue to drip. So save your hands and upgrade to a Quarter Turn Garden Hose Tap. These taps don’t use the obsolete washers but instead use a solid stainless steel ball valve which eliminates the possibility of a slow leak. The Quarter Turn Taps are easy to operate which makes them particularly ideal for people with arthritis and the elderly, not to mention young children as well. Get ready for summer and let the kids fill up there water pistols and water balloons with ease.

Don’t delay! Changing over your failing garden tap to a Quarter Turn is a simple job resulting in an easy fix and a huge saving on our drinking water supply. Book in a job with EZE-FLOW Plumbing today to stop your water wastage.

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