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5 Times You May Need a Gas Plumber

Nov 25, 2020

Gas plumbing should only be done by professionals

Needless to say, the gas fitting in your Northern Beaches property must be done by a professional and licensed gas plumber. No matter how minor you think the job is, gas plumbing is not something you want to experiment with especially when you could be exposed to danger and risks.

With this said, you are probably wondering when you should call a gas plumber in the Northern Beaches. Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Do you suspect a gas leak?

Do you smell gas even if all valves and gas related appliances are secured? If yes, then you should call a local Northern Beaches gas plumber immediately. Not only that it is a fire hazard, prolonged exposure to the smell can have health consequences.

2. Do you have a new gas appliance?

Connecting your new appliance such as your BBQ grill to a gas supply must be done by a licensed and professional gas plumber in the Northern Beaches. This ensures that it is installed properly and your appliance is safe to use.

3. Do you see rust in your gas pipes?

Rust is probably the most common cause of gas leak, if you notice rust in your gas pipes, you need to have it inspected right away even if you do not smell gas yet. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

4. Do you need gas compliance certificates?

A licensed gas plumber in the Northern Beaches can have your existing LPG tested and address any problems with it so you can pass the compliance certificates and most of all ensure the safety of your property.

5. Regular maintenance

We cannot stress enough how important it is to conduct a routine maintenance of your gas lines. It should be inspected by a professional regularly to identify existing and potential problems and address it before it poses any serious consequences.

Need help with gas plumbing on the Northern Beaches?

Chris of Eze-Flow Plumbing specialises in gas plumbing repairs and preventative maintenance. Being a local plumber in the Northern Beaches, he can visit your location in no time and offers 24/7 service.

Why not contact Chris today?

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